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Living Learning and Loving Simply
Aimee and her family live in South Carolina and her simple living blog

won the Thinking Blogger Award and the Nice Matters Award.

Eartheasy - Sustainable living

  Information, products, and seasonal articles to help you lead a more sustainable life.

Real Goods
(Real Goods has been a leading supplier of green living products since 1978.)

Products and information regarding solar power, alternate transportation (electric bicycles), wind power, water conservation, spin dryers, solar camping and more.


Information about green living and green products.


Energy conservation tips for home and office.

Energy Savings Program

(Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, New York)

Energy savings in the home. Laundry

The laundry room is one of largest energy-consuming rooms in a home. This article lists 10 ways to make your laundry room more energy efficient.

The Laundry Alternative Inc.

This website features a product called, the Wonderwash, a portable, non-electric washing machine. See a video/review of this simple yet effective back-to-basics product on YouTube. Spin dryers are also available.

Let's Tend The Garden
(this site is may be temporarily inactive)

This website comes from Vineyard, Boise, a green Christian church located in Boise, Idaho.


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